Are You In The AV Industry? Then Please Take A Few Minutes To Watch This Important Video...

All of us in our industry should be aware of what one of our industry peers, Chris Pinder, is doing to help us give back to our community. Chris is MD of HDANYWHERE and OneAV, and he, like many of us, is a strong supporter of Together For Cinema.


Chris is running the Marathon dse Sables (6 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara desert!) at the end of March to raise finds to further the good that we as an industry, via Together For Cinema, delivers to our community.


Please watch the video and then click here to learn more of his challenge and to see how you can help individually or as a business. Time is ticking on so if you want to be a corporate sponsor and have your company logo on Chris’s shirt please go directly to his corporate sponsor page by clicking here.


We do of course appreciate the industry's excellent support of Together For Cinema and are hugely grateful to Chris for his marathon efforts to raise funds to help us give back. We all support good causes but what Chris is doing should resonate with us all as it gives back the very thing that we make happen every day. We all take home cinema for granted, but for those that cannot access it, the Together For Cinema gift is precious.


Not everyone will be able to support but please, at the very least, help us to help the children and young adults at the venues we install into. Please sponsor if you can but if not please Share and Like our social media posts. What harm can it do?


When one of us steps up to do something special (and a little bit crazy!), we really should back them and help give them the incentive to achieve their goals. Thank you for reading and remember...


"Together For Cinema – together for better”

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