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Together For Cinema simply would not be without the support and backing of our Charitable Partners. The difference that their support makes to so many people's lives, be them the poorly children, disabled young adults or a family member or a carer, is immense. I have been asked many times to pass on their thanks to all involved and I do what I can, but this page I hope goes some way to recognise their assistance and committment to making a real difference and helping to deliver the end result.


Thank you to all of our Charitable Partners and never underestimate the impact of what you do for Together For Cinema, and ultimately the difference that you help to make. 

Our Grant Partners

Without funding Together For Cinema simply would not be. With COVID changing the way we work and engage, a new and more committed structure was essential for Together For Cinema to continue. This needed a certain amount of financial support and I am hugely grateful to the following partners who have helped secure the future of Together For Cinema and the difference that we are all able to make to our community.

Please help us make a difference in our community and consider the following Grant Packages.

  • Bronze - £500
  • Silver - £1,000
  • Gold - £2,500
  • Platinum - £5,000
  • Platinum Plus - £5,000+ (to be discussed)

All packages run on a calendar year basis and are renewable in December.

All partners will be sent a Together For Cinema Partner Pack including an acrylic ‘Charitable Partner 2023’ plaque and some Together For Cinema pin badges. We will also post your logo and url on our website and we will send you our logo and brand guidelines, and of course regular bi-monthly updates.

Platinum Level Partners

Our Partners

Together For Cinema is fortunate to have several individuals and organisations that are willing to partner with us in order to assist in, and expedite, the delivery of our good work to the community. These partners vary in their assistance but all give their time and/or services and/or products free of any charge, and we are hugely grateful to you all. Quite simply without you there is no Together For Cinema!

Please see below to find out helps make Together For Cinema happen...

Operational Partners

With so many skills needed to run Together For Cinema it has been necessary to seek a certain amount of assistance to help with day to day operational matters. The following organisations have given up their services free of any charge in order to help Together For Cinema make it as efficient as possible to deliver the end results. Thank you for what you do:-

  • AV User Group: User Group backing and support as well as assistance in engaging with the AV community. 
  • AWE Europe Ltd: The management, storage and distribution of donated products. 
  • CEDIA: Trade association backing and support as well as assistance in securing CEDIA Member installers and generic support.
  • eFIXX: The leading multi-channel media platform for professionals working in the electrical industry.
  • Flint Insurance: Insurance consultancy and services.
  • Gasoline Media: Comprehensive management of all our PR and Marketing needs including such things as writing articles, media engagement, social media planning and execution, branding and cerative assistance.
  • ISCVE: Backing and support from the Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers as well as assistance in engaging with the AV community.
  • Presto AV: Website design and management, as well as technical assistance as required.  
  • Together For Short Lives: Assisting in introduction and exposure to the children's hospice community and other potential installation venues. 


Fundraising Partners

We are working with various AV industry companies to explore various fundraising activities. Once these activities are confirmed we will announce the details through the trade media as well a Social Media, and of course via our website.

These are all exciting events that will be a first for the industry and we are grateful to those that we are working with to help make this happen. You know who you are and Together For Cinema, as well as all the children and their families who enjoy the results of our collaborative efforts, thank you very much...


Chris Pinder's Marathon Effort: 

Chris Pinder from HDANYWHERE and OneAV has set himself the huge challenge of running the Marathon des Sables, a gruelling '6 marathons in 6 days' under the intense sun that shines on the Sahara desert. He is transforming himself from an occasional jogger to an extreme marathon runner, and all to help raise funds for Together For Cinema. He has a target of raising £25,000, which he will hit, and he knows what a huge difference this will make to so many children's and young adult's lives, as well as their families and carers.


Tom Dellicompagni and Jim Carter Ride2Austria:

Over 1,000 miles in 9 days, cycling from the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes, to the Red Bull Ring Formula 1 race track in Austria. A massive undertaking for anyone, but they did it, and did it in style!!


Matt McLernon (Ably Aided By Greg Stuttle and Ian Morrish!)

Matt McLernon, Business Development Manager at LILIN, along with his colleagues at LILIN, has always been a keen supporter of Together For Cinema. Early in 2023 Matt asked me if he could ride the Lonodn to Brighton cycle route to help raise money for Together For Cinema. Of course we were delighted, but I rather clumsily agreed to cycle with him! Greg Stuttle, formerly with GJD, joned the team. 58 miles later (and a moment of heat stroke for me!), Matt and the team had helped raise over £2,500 for the cause - thank you! 

Please watch this space for more announcements!

Media Partners

We are hugely grateful to all the media that give us exposure and a pedigree channel communication to our industry.

  • Essential Install: Regular and comprehensive exposure to the AV industry and exhibitor presence at the EI Live! show.
  • Hidden Wires: Regular exposure to the AV industry.
  • Inside CI: Regular exposure to the AV industry plus online advertising support.
  • Integrated Home Podcasts: Regular exposure to the AV industry.
  • CE Pro: Regular exposure to the US AV industry, with global reach.

We thank you all for your backing and your exposure and hope that we can keep furnishing you with good news stories for many years to come.

Installation Partners

A good installer is key to each and every cinema room installation and we have been fortunate enough to have worked with some excellent installation teams, all who have been extremely generous in giving their time to make these wonderful rooms happen.

For further details on all installations and who has project managed them, please refer to the 'Installations' page.

Product Partners

It never ceases to amaze all of us involved in the installation of these rooms how generous our industry has been over the past few years. With increasing awareness of our work it has become easier to generate the product required to ensure the installer has the equipment to deliver an installation that he or she is happy with and proud of. Be it a single cable or the latest projector, every donation is much appreciated.

There are too many companies to mention but all who have donated are listed in their respective installations. There are now over 100 different companies who have donated products or services. They know who they are and we thank you for being so willing to help.

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