Bi-Monthly Update - March 2024



A busy and hugely productive start to 2024 sees us with a great foundation to go forward and deliver more life changing cinema rooms to good causes. We have 8 new cinema rooms to install, the refurbishment of an old one and a very exciting project with the Ronald McDonald House Charity to work on so there is much to do!
On top of the above we are working hard to pull together the Together For Cinema £1m Celebration Dinner on May 16th and once this is behind us we will look at furthering the AV Product Re-Purposing Programme. As I said in Paragraph One…, there is much to do, though to be exact…, much more to do! 
ISE 2024 is now behind us and it was great to see the show back on it’s feet again. We had a very successful week and were delighted with the ever-increasing awareness of Together For Cinema. Our social media presence is becoming so strong that I was even referred to as an ‘Influencer’ - a phrase I really do not like, but it says a great deal about how far we’ve come… 
Thursday May 16th will see over 300 people sit down at the Together For Cinema £1m Celebration Dinner. This will be held at Epsom Downs Racecourse and we still have some tickets available! They are priced at £145 each and we can still accommodate individual ticket sales or a table or two of 10. I can promise you a very special evening and I urge you to join us for what will be a very impactful industry gathering. We even have a genuine 90’s singing legend joining us!! 
September 15th will see at least 17 of us cycle from London to Brighton to hopefully raise £10,000 for Together For Cinema. We still have a few spaces available on the team so please let me know if you want to slip into something lycra and join us!
Onwards and upwards…
Ian Morrish
Founder and Managing Director, Together For Cinema CIC

Installation Update - 2024

Fortunately 2 of our original 10 originally scheduled installations have now been postponed until 2025, but an extra one, a refurbishment, has dropped in. This now takes us to 9 installation projects for the year. This is still a big ask, but we’re in good shape with venues committed and installers finalised for all nine of the installations.
The installations below are listed in ‘Expected Installation Date’ order, though as we all know this will no doubt be subject to change! The current status is as follows:-

  1. East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH), Milton, Cambridgeshire. Installer: thinkingbricks. Refurbishment of cinema originally installed in 2019. Expected refurbishment date: April 2024.
  2. Marie Curie Adult Hospice, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear. Installer: Wakefields. Design agreed, AV kit secured and work has already begun. Expected installation date: April 2024.
  3. Ronald McDonald House Charity, Birmingham. Installer: The Big Picture. Site visit done, design finalised. Expected installation date: April 2024.
  4. Once Upon A Smile, Manchester. Installer: Intuitive Homes. Site visit done, design finalised. Expected installation date: May 2024.
  5. Team Jak Foundation, Livingston, Scotland. Installer: Limitless Automation. Site visit done, design being worked on. Expected installation date: May 2024.
  6. Robin House Children’s Hospice, Balloch, Scotland. Installer: Loud and Clear. Site visit done, design being worked on. Expected installation date: June 2024.
  7. Fresh Futures, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Installer: Audiovation. Site visit done, design being worked on. Expected installation date: September 2024.
  8. Ellenor Hospice for Children, Gravesend, Kent. Installer: iCubed Home Cinema. Building of new wing due for completion Summer 2024. Expected installation date: October 2024.
  9. Teens Unite, Broxborne, Middlesex. Installer: FLUX. Property purchase in final stages. Expected installation date: November 2024.

We are hugely grateful to the installers listed above for kindly taking on these installations and I am sure that they will find their journey to making a difference a rewarding one. As we all know the key to making these installations happen is a good installer and I reckon we have a pretty good bunch listed above. Thanks again to you all…

Installation Update – 2025 And Beyond

As we begin our work for 2024 it’s important for us to have as clear a picture as we can of what venues we will be working with next year. The list below is ever changing but I suspect we will work with some of the venues listed below, maybe in 2025, maybe not. We keep in constant touch with these venues and hence the list below is ever changing.  

  1. Claire House Children’s Hospice, Liverpool. Still defining how best to utilise their new building.
  2. Derian House Children’s Hospice, Chorley, Manchester. Planning a new wing for young adults, building scheduled for 2025.
  3. Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford, West Yorkshire. We hope this will be our second of 9 for Marie Curie. 
  4. Richard House Children’s Hospice, Beckton, East London. A new facility so we’re in at the very start. May drop to 2025.
  5. Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC), ?????. Not sure which location but we hope this will be our second of 14 for RMHC. 
  6. Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, Hampton, Middlesex. Refurbishment scheduled for 2024.
  7. Little Havens Children's Hospice, Benfleet, Essex. Awaiting some internal refurbishment, cinema room is part of their plan.
  8. Hope House Children's Hospices, Oswestry, Shropshire. Postponed from 2024, new room needs to be selected.

We are of course in touch with many other venues and have a strong pipeline to call on, however, if you know of anywhere that could benefit from our offering, please do let me know.

Charitable Grants Update

We had 73 Charitable Partners in 2023 all helping fund Together For Cinema and enabling the good work that we as an industry are delivering to our community.
As of early March we have 71 for 2024, with a probable further 3 that we are waiting confirmation from.
We’ve had several new partners commit, but always need more to balance the books for the year and allow us the most time to work on delivering to the community. With this in mind I urge you to support Together For Cinema and ask you to contact me directly to discuss a possible future partnership.  
With this in mind, the levels at which you can support are as follows:-

  •   - Bronze - £500
  •   - Silver - £1,000
  •   - Gold - £2,500
  •   - Platinum - £5,000

Would you be interested in becoming one of our valued Charitable Partners? 
Further detail can be found on our website under the heading ‘Charitable Partners’ or alternatively please contact Ian Morrish at to discuss what options are open to you and what difference you can help make.
Together For Cinema, and the difference we make to so many lives, can only continue with your support…

Fundraising Update

Continuing the cycling theme into 2024, we’re delighted to announce that Team TFC will again be taking on the London to Brighton cycling challenge. This is a 55 mile ride from Clapham Common to the Brighton Seafront and includes one genuinely ‘horrific’ climb over Ditchling Beacon! Well, it’s horrific for me!
So far we have 17 people commited, but are looking for a team of at least 20. Details as follows:-

  •   - Date: Sunday September 15th. (wedged conveniently in between CEDIA Expo and Ei! Live).
  •   - Cost: £56.50 to register, and you can do this at
  •   - Our Start Time: 9.30am
  •   - What you Get: A sponsored Together For Cinema cycling shirt, as well as a lovely day out and a sore bum!
  •   - Your ’Obligation’: As part of Team TFC we would ask you to raise a minimum of £500
  •   - Just Giving: Our page is at 

Once confirmed with the organisers please let us know and we will add you to our WhatsApp group. Just having you ‘along for the ride’ will help raise the profile of Together For Cinema, and the good work that we all help make happen.
Fundraising is important for any non-profit good cause so please try to support anyone who makes the effort to help Together For Cinema. Every penny counts, so please do what you can to support Team Lycra.
Some of us will need all the help, encouragement and incentive we can get!!

The Million Pound Celebration Dinner Update

Yes, we finally did it…, we reached £1,000,000 worth of good cause cinema room installations, and boy are we going to celebrate! What a great thing for our industry to have achieved and I’m delighted that over 300 of our industry will get together with some of the venues we’ve installed at to help celebrate this achievement. Details as follows:-

  •   - Date: Thursday May 16th. 
  •   - Venue: Epsom Downs Racecourse - The Lammtarra and Diomed Rooms.
  •   - Structure Of Evening: 3 Course dinner with excellent wine. Champagne reception. Champagne toast. Auction. Music from Tennessee Twin, and from a special star guest from the 90’s. The TFC journey video. 5 recipient venue thank you’s. Plus much more…
  •   - Cost: £145/person.
  •   - Availability: With 300 tickets already sold or reserved, and 5 extra tables having just been added to the table plan, we now only have 50 tickets currently available. 
  •   - More Information: To find out more please go to

All events such as this need more participation that just attendance so I wonder if:-
You could purchase a page within our Event Booklet (£295) to comment on your involvement with Together For Cinema.
You might want to purchase one of the two available Event Support Sponsor Packages.
You could donate a ‘Money Can’t Buy’ Auction Prize.
If you’d like to get involved I’d be happy to talk with you about these options.

Other News

Listed below are a few other updates that might be of interest:-

  • The Richer Sounds Foundation: Recent communication with The Richer Sounds Foundation has led to an offer of support that we will look to take advantage of when the time is right, and likely to be later in the year.  Their desire is not to publicise this but I wanted to acknowledge their offer of support and thank the Board of the Foundation for their consideration and willingness to find the right way to support Together For Cinema.
  • The Smiley Charity Film Awards: On Wednesday March 20th my wife and I will attend the Smiley Charity Film Awards at The Odeon in Leicester Square. I am one of about 40 judges and was asked this year to help judge the charity films in the ‘Up To £100,000 Of Turnover’ category. All amazing causes but, in my mind, there was a clear winner based on the production and the impact of the video. I’ll find out very soon if this was the winner!
  • 32” Smart TV Appeal: As you may know we are working with the Ronald McDonald House Charity to try to supply five hundred 32” Smart TV’s over the  course of the next 4 years. We are already talking to three of the leading TV manufacturers but with so many units required I’d be grateful if anyone else could come forward, or help with an introduction at the right level. It’s very simple, 25 screens donated every year for 4 years from 5 different manufacturers get’s us to where we need to be. The PR value alone is worth the donation!!

In Closing

Delighted to see that industry engagement to help Together For Cinema make a difference is at an all time high. It is clear to me that ‘my baby’ has been adopted by so many in the industry and hence Together For Cinema is now ‘our teenager’ and it’s up to us to cradle, nurture and shape for the future.
As we know all teenagers need funding (and lots of it!!), advice, understanding and constant steering and I’m delighted that Together For Cinema has this. We are fortunate to have generated lots of support from so many, and also to have a team of directors who really care about our future. With only one full time member of staff there is only so much that can be done, so if you feel you would like to play a bigger part in our journey please contact me to discuss further.
Our year ahead is looking exciting, busy and hugely productive. I look forward to our dinner on May 16th, to reporting on our installations and to getting my teeth into developing our re-purposing programme, a really exciting project and one that we will roll out slowly, but surely.
Thanks again to all those that help make it happen and I look forward to hearing from anyone else that would like to get involved. Don’t think about it…, ‘Just do it!’. I have no doubt that you’ll be pleased you did…

“Together For Cinema – together for better”

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