With Community Interest Company (CIC) status being finalised at the end of February, there was much to do in March and April. This, along with a great deal of preparation for our 2023 installations and the £1m Celebration Dinner in May 2024, has led to a very busy couple of months, though there has not been not been much ‘visible progress’ to report on.  

We have been working hard with our accountants to complete the transition to CIC status and I am hugely grateful to Michael Michaelides and his team at AGK Accountants. We have also been working hard with Sarah and Teresa at Gasoline Media to maintain the profile and momentum that they have helped create over the past 6 months.

Our attendance at the CEDIA Tech Summit in London on April 18th was extremely encouraging. Firstly, thanks again to Matt Nimmons and the CEDIA team for allowing us to have a tabletop presence at the event. CEDIA’s support is much appreciated and really does help spread the word of Together For Cinema. Secondly, a big thank you to all that engaged with me during the day. I’m pleased there seems to be widespread awareness of Together For Cinema and a genuine interest in what we do, how we do it and the difference that we make. 

The London CEDIA Tech Summit was, in my opinion, the best that CEDIA have put on and I was encouraged to see so many people and sponsors in attendance. Well done to the CEDIA EMEA team and I look forward to going up to Leeds Summit on May 24th.

I was also delighted to attend an ‘invitation only’ industry lunch at Tuttons in Covent Garden to tell the 30 or so guests a little more about Together For Cinema. I thank Gordon Dutch for the invitation and am delighted to report that as a result of this we secured some funding from the lunch and also a new Gold Level sponsor. 

Lots of productive meetings, a family holiday, and more Zoom calls than I care to mention and whoosh…, we’re in May! Much to do and another exciting couple of months ahead. Keep well all…

Ian Morrish
Founder, Together For Cinema


Installation Update - 2023

Our 7 installations for 2023 are starting to take shape and all are progressing well. The current status is as follows:-

  1. Cherry Trees, East Clandon, Surrey. Installer: Nethaus Ltd. Design approved. All kit secured and delivered. Installation completed May 12th!
  2. Resources for Autism, London. Installer: Smart Living Solutions. Design approved. All kit secured and almost all delivered. Installation due to start May 30th, 2023.
  3. Acorns Children’s Hospice, Walsall, West Midlands. Installer: Jooced. Design being tailored to requirements. Kit list almost finalised. Expected installation date: July 2023.
  4. We Are Beams, Hextable, Kent. Installer: Ideaworks. Design finalised. Kit list almost finalised. Expected installation date: September 2023.
  5. Hope House Children's Hospices, Oswestry, Shropshire. Installer: Exclusive Solutions. Design being finalised. Kit list to be discussed. Expected installation date: August 2023.
  6. The Space Centre, Preston, Lancashire. Installer: Majik House. Design being finalised. Kit list to be discussed. Expected installation date: September 2023.
  7. Marie Curie Adult Hospice, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear. Installer: Art of Smart. Design being finalised. Kit list to be discussed. Expected installation date: October 2023.

We are hugely grateful to the installers listed above for kindly taking on these installations and I am sure that their journey to making a difference is rewarding one. 


Installation Update – 2024 and beyond

As we begin 2023, 2024 seems a long way away, however, with the network of children’s hospice and others deserving venues that we have, I can confidently say that we will have another busy year. I would expect another 6 or 7 cinema room installations and I think we are already in touch with most of these. 

Please see below for a current status update:-

  1. Butterwick Children’s Hospice, Stockton-on-Tees. Awaiting the refurbishment of their old Hydrotherapy room.
  2. Clare House Children’s Hospice, Liverpool. New building taken on, still defining best room use and structure. 
  3. Derian House Children’s Hospice, Chorley. New building completion expected mid 2024. Installation expected end of year.. 
  4. Ellenor Hospice for Children and Adults, Gravesend. Refurbishments planned installation delayed until 2024. 
  5. Richard House Children’s Hospice, London. Refurbishments planned installation delayed until 2024. 
  6. Robin House Children’s Hospice, Ballach. Refurbishments planned installation delayed until 2024. 
  7. Ronald McDonald Houses, 14 different UK locations. Initial plans are to look at one location in 2024. 
  8. Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice, Hampton. Refurbishments planned  - keen to look at installation in Autumn 2024. 

As you’ll no doubt appreciate it’s impossible for us to know of all the deserving venues in the UK that could use our help. 
With this in mind, if you know of anywhere that could benefit from our offering, please do let me know.

Charitable Grants Update

As of now Together For Cinema has 68 companies putting forward charitable grants. These grants vary in amount but every one is much appreciated and are vital to aide the day to day running, and of course the long-term security, of Together For Cinema, and the difference that we’re able to make.

We have very nearly generated all the revenue we need to satisfy our forecasted budget plan for this year, but with some increased costs and greater aspirations to deliver, we still need a few more sponsors to commit. However, we now need to focus 100% on our good cause delivery, and also the Million Pound Celebration Dinner plans so please, if you know any company who might be interested, please as them to contact me.

It would really help if we were able to secure two more sponsors at each of the Bronze (£500), Silver (£1,000) and Gold (£2,500) levels. 

With this in mind, can you help? …or do you know of any of your trading partners that might be able to help? Can you possibly consider becoming a first-time sponsor of Together For Cinema? 

Further detail can be found on our website or alternatively please contact Ian Morrish at to discuss what options are open to you and what difference you can help make.

Together For Cinema, and the difference we make to so many lives, can only continue with your support…

Fundraising Update

To help raise funds for Together For Cinema I’m delighted to announce that there are two cycling challenges being undertaken this Summer. One of which is being undertaken by an experienced cycling duo, and the other is being undertaken by two keen amateur cyclists, one of which being myself! 

The two challenges are as follows:-

  1. On Friday June 23rd industry personality Tom Dellicompagni, and his friend Jim Carter, will cycle 1,000 miles ride over 9 days. Leaving from the Red Bull F1 Factory in Milton Keynes, they will ride to the Red Bull Ring racing track in Austria, arriving on Saturday July 1st. An incredible challenge and we all wish them the best of luck. Please support them and sponsor if you can at 
  2. On Sunday September 10th Matt McLernon from LILIN, one of our Charitable Partners, and myself will ride the 55 miles from London to Brighton. We will do this unaided, with no safety net, no drugs, just pure manpower, grit and good old British spirit and determination. We’ll also have 16,000 others encouraging us! I suspect Matt will pip me to the post but I’ll definitely see him at the finish line! More details to follow in my next update…

All fundraising activity is much needed and hugely appreciated. The funding is important but the increased exposure is also really important in progessing the awareness of Together For Cinema. We are so grateful to all those that have, are or will fundraise for us, be it running marathons or shaving your legs – thank you!


Other News

Listed below are a few other updates that might be of interest:-

  1. The Million Pound Celebration Dinner: On Thursday May 16th, 2024, at Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey, 300 people from the Residential AV industry will sit down and celebrate Together For Cinema’s delivery of £1,000,000 worth of cinema rooms to good causes. Ticket invitations have just been sent out, exactly one year before the event, and the immediate response within the first 24 hours has been overwhelming. We only have 300 tickets so invitations are initially limited to all official Partners that have helped make the £1,000,000 happen.
  2. Meta Enroll Together For Cinema As An Official Partner: We’re delighted to announce that Meta have taken on Together For Cinema as a partner to channel their AV equipment to good  causes. With so much AV equipment being open to re-purposing we are delighted that Meta see a future with Together For Cinema and will work with us in due course to further develop this. Currently we are placing only a handful of products but this will increase towards the end of 2024 when our Repurposing Programme will develop further. 
  3. Smiley Charity Film Awards Invite Together For Cinema To Judge Their Annual Awards: As part of our continuing community engagement I'm delighted to announce that I have been asked to be one of the judges for the Smiley Company backed Charity Film Awards. These Awards have been created to celebrate the success of film in fundraising, to increase exposure of charity films and to encourage donations for good causes. 


In Closing

Our 38th good cause cinema room is now installed! Thanks to James Applin from Nethaus, and a host of manufacturers, Cherry Trees in East Clandon, near Guildford, can now put on film nights galore! Please go to to read more…

Very soon our 39th installation will begin at the Resources For Autism centre in North London, and Jayesh Raghvani and his installation team will make this happen. It’s always exciting when our installs start to ‘materialise’, and I can update the figures with another install and another value to our good cause delivery. This year more than any started with more admin that normal so it’s great to be back on track.

Recent meetings with Shooting Star Chase in Hampton and also Ronald McDonald Houses have given us some more potential for 2024 and beyond and this is very exciting, and further confirms the need, and the benefits, of the Together For Cinema offering. The Ronald McDonald Houses are located as close as possible to specialist children’s hospitals across the UK. This means that families can be by their child’s bedside in a matter of moments, whilst maintaining a degree of normal life and reducing emotional and financial strain.

To all those that partner Together For Cinema we thank you for helping us get to this point in our development. To anyone thinking about getting involved please don’t keep thinking about it, as somebody else once said …, ‘just do it’, I have no doubt you’ll be pleased you did…

I wish you well and hope that our industry continues to thrive.

“Together For Cinema – together for better”

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