September 2022 Bi-Monthly Update

The last Together For Cinema bi-monthly update was in May so bearing in mind it’s 4 months since our last update there really is lots to cover.  Summer started quietly but the last two holiday months have been extremely busy with lots of development, lots of planning and lots of progress.

Since May there have been 4 new cinema completions, 3 full installations and a refurbishment, and we have one installation that is in progress, and we are planning for our final installation in November. This will be 8 completed projects for 2022, 7 in children’s hospices and one in a Children’s Foundation.

By the end of 2022 we will have completed 37 cinema room installations at a normal ‘paid for’ value of £900,000.

2023 is looking good and we will hit the £1,000,000 mark. We are already talking to 7 locations about cinema room installations – 5 at children’s hospices, a disabled centre for children and young adults, and the Resources For Autism centre in North London.

We attended the CEDIA London Summit which was very successful and the feedback we continue to get is hugely encouraging. We will soon attend the AV User Group networking event in London and already have two interesting meetings lined. Needless to say we will again be at the fabulous EI Live! show and we are grateful for their comprehensive support. A stand with furniture and graphics, a table at the Awards Dinner, continued exposure…, thank you, you really couldn’t do more to help progress Together For Cinema.

On the admin side we are now looking at 3, 7 and 10 year plans, budgets and forecasts, and lots of exciting things are scheduled in this. Now we know we have a well supported industry good cause, it needs to become more structured and defined and these plans will help shape our future.

Please read on for more detail and more news.

Ian Morrish

Founder and CEO, Together For Cinema


Installation Update 2022

At the start of the year we had an ambitious 7 cinema room installations planned, and we are on target to deliver these.  As if we didn’t have enough to do we also added in a refurbishment of a previous installation that we had completed in 2014, so, 8 projects in total!

By the end 2022 we will have taken our installation tally to 37 rooms at a normal installation value of approximately £900,000.

Please see below for a full status update:-

The 8 venues, along with the committed installers, are as follows:-

  • Jigsaw Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice, Carlisle.

Installer: Majik House. Completed March 2022. ????

  • Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, Loughborough.

Installer: Decorum Technology. Completed April 2022. ????

  • Julia’s House Children’s Hospice, Corfe Mullen, near Poole.

Installer: Living Home Technology. Completed July 2022. ????

  • The Dorset Children’s Foundation, Bournemouth.

Installer: Living Home Technology. Completed August 2022. ????

  • Dougie Mac Children’s Hospice, Stoke-on-Trent. (pictured)

Installer: Trusted Technology. Completed August 2022. ????

  • Demelza Children’s Hospice, Sittingbourne.

Installer: Modus Vivendi. Refurbishment completed August 2022. ????

  • Andy’s at St.Andrew’s Hospice, Grimsby. (Render pictured)

Installer: Sonic Vision. Install date: September 2022.

  • St Oswald’s Children’s and Adult Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Installer: Creative Install. Install date: November 2022.


Installation Update 2023 and beyond

For 2023 we currently have 7 installations in discussion and these are outlined below. As with all plans we have to be subject to change and since our last report two have been postponed to 2024 but two more have come in so we’re still on our target of 7 installations. The current installation plan is as follows:-

  • Butterwick Children’s Hospice, Stockton-on-Tees.

Installer: To be confirmed, but think we have someone.

  • Cherry Trees, East Clandon.

Installer: To be confirmed.

  • Ellenor Hospice for Children and Adults, Gravesend.

Installer: To be confirmed, but think we have someone.

  • Hope House Children's Hospices, Oswestry.

Installer: To be confirmed.

  • Resources for Autism, London.

Installer: To be confirmed, but think we have someone.

  • Richard House Children’s Hospice, London.

Installer: To be confirmed, but think we have someone.

  • Robin House Children’s Hospice, Ballach.

Installer: To be confirmed, but think we have someone.

…and for the moment, this will be the basis of our delivery for 2023.

With 7 installations we need 7 installers and 7 more projectors, screens, AVR’s, speaker packages, racks, control, lighting etc…, so please do what you can to help and spread the word to those installers, manufacturers and distributors who might be able to donate.

We are grateful to so many of you who support the Together For Cinema cause but we need this help to be an

annual commitment in order to keep making these very special cinema rooms happen.

Please do what you can...


Sponsorship Update

Together For Cinema now has 47 industry sponsors at varying levels of commitment, and we are hugely grateful to every single one.

However, we need more sponsors and more revenue to maintain and further the level of what we do, how we do it and how we promote it.

We operate on a very tight budget with limited expenses and ‘do the best we can’ to make a difference and promote this difference to our industry and beyond. But there is so much more that we can do…, and much of this ‘more that we can do’ needs funding.

For example every install now needs certain items, and some of which we need to purchase at trade price. These were not considered 12 months ago but are now a ‘must install’ for every room. We have spent over £10,000 on these unbudgeted items and have made the budget work this year but we really do need to generate extra funds to cover these for 2023, and to make our cinema room deliveries as amazing as they can be. There’s little point in compromising on something so important that is so impactful to so many for so many years.

Therefore, to appeal to the AV industry…

Can you help in any way?

Can you possibly up your level of sponsorship commitment?

Can you possibly consider becoming a first-time sponsor of Together For Cinema?

All our 2022 sponsors can be seen on our website at, along with all the other partners, companies and individuals that help make Together For Cinema happen. As an industry united we are really making a difference and this good work must continue. Please help if you can…


Fundraising Update

Following the incredible efforts of Chris Pinder of HDANYWHERE completing the Marathon des Sables for Together For Cinema, there has been a rumbling of ‘well, I could run this’ or ‘maybe I could cycle that to help raise much needed funds for Together For Cinema!

To keep this short and sweet, please contact me if you feel you would like to take on a challenge to help Together For Cinema and hopefully raise a few pounds to help us progress our delivery to good causes.

Chris Pinder has certainly done his bit and we’re now looking for our next incredible fundraiser.

We have been talking to a few people but for one reason or another there have been some delays so we currently don’t have an active campaign or challenge ‘in plan’.

Funding is one thing, and we are grateful for all the funding that is raised to help Together For Cinema.

However, the exposure that can be generated is amazing. With the right mix of challenge, individual, location, timing, PR etc…, the increased awareness for Together For Cinema can be incredible. Just think about how many times you heard about Chris Pinder’s Marathon des Sables challenge!

Go on, give me a call - could you be our next ‘Wacky Racer’!


Recent Developments

Listed below are a few developments that might be of interest:-

Future Planning

With Together For Cinema now 18 months into being a funded entity, it is clear that we have comprehensive industry backing and we

have a bright future as a recognised and well supported industry good cause. We are currently a ‘good cause enterprise’ and in order

to ensure the right developments in the future it has been agreed that we need to put together a 3, 7 and 10 year strategy

plan with associated financial forecasts. This is being pulled together now and should be ready quite soon.

Thank You To Wildwood PR

A huge thank you to Wildwood PR who have sadly had to step down from the Steering Committee. Their business is booming and

they have had to reluctantly step down whilst they shape their business for the future. Jeff Hayward and Shereen Russell both kindly

sat on the Steering Committee, and Tanya and John Huston have always been extremely supportive. Your day-to-day input will be

missed but I know that I can call on you if needed. Thank you for all your support.

Bi-Monthly Updates Soon To Be Also Circulated As Video Updates

With the positive reception to my first ‘back garden’ Together For Cinema video update, I have been encouraged to continue with

these as an alternative to these written updates. I do however promise that not every video will be 9 minutes long!

If you’re happy to, please ‘like’ and ‘share’ our postings, as we are all helping to make such a difference…


In Closing

A very busy last few weeks and I’m busily now trying to organize 4 opening events, along with celebrities in attendance, media, installers, product donors, families etc… Trying to pull each individual event together is almost a hard as pulling the installation together!!

Okay, that is unfair to say as I will now applaud the installers that have been hard at work over the past few weeks.

Living Home Technology have recently completed two cinema room installations in their home county of Dorset. Both challenging rooms for different reasons but they simply ‘got up and got on’ and made it happen – thank you Luke and Wayne Crutcher and your amazing team.

Trusted Technology have worked tirelessly to install an incredible cinema room for the children. They had a great room to work with, and the end result is amazing – thank you Andy Bell, Alan Sherlock, Simon Grattidge and all of your colleagues.

Modus Vivendi have refurbished a room that we originally installed in 2014. There was no hesitation for them to help and they simply got on with getting the cinema room back up and running for the hospice – thank you Luke and Chris.

Sonic Vision are in the middle of installing another fantastic cinema room for Together For Cinema that should be finished later this month. No compromises on delivering the best they can… Thank you Ben Cook, Ben Stansfield and all the team involved.

With the effort that’s been put in I would ask you to read the recent installation reports that have been posted on our website, under ‘Installations’ or at  We owe these installers our time to read about and appreciate their commitment to the cause.

Lots more is happening and feel free to touch base if you have any queries.

I thank you again for your support and remember…


“Together For Cinema – together for better”

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