Together For Cinema Case Study - The White Lodge Centre, Chertsey, Surrey

It's not rocket science but I have been asked many times how a Together For Cinema good cause cinema room installation comes about. Well, thanks to the team at Essentila Install, I can give you an insight... Hope you find it of interest!

A big THANK YOU to the Essential Install team for their fabulous support of Together For Cinema. In March they made a commitment to back this good cause enterprise and they have done just that - and then some! As our first official Media Partner they have thrown all they can to help promote and support the good work that we, as an industry united, are able to deliver to our community. From exposure in the magazine to exhibition space at EiLive!, and all inbetween, let me say again..., on behalf of all that appreciate what we do, thank you!

We currently have four more installations in process, but the Essential Install team have kindly put together a Case Study, with all parties giving their feedback, of how an installation comes together. Please take a look at this at It covers the journey of how the White Lodge Centre's cinema room be came to be a reality. Please take a read - it really is inspiring. 

As Mike Hey, their Head of Fundraising and Marketing says:-

'The impact has been fantastic, with most of our children getting a cinematic experience for the first time. Our children and teenagers see it as a special treat and really look forward to their movie evenings! Thank you and please keep up the good work – it makes a huge difference.’

Together For Cinema... together for better.

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