Jigsaw, Cumbria's Children's Hospice

Location: Carlisle, Cumbria

Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice, is located just south of Carlisle city centre in Cumbria and is about 8 or 9 miles from the Scottish Border.

Jigsaw was opened in 1991 and provides day to day care, support and activities to children and young people living with a life limiting illness. Care is provided in a home from home setting and each young person’s care is personalised towards their own needs.

The ethos is to work in partnership with the children and young adults, their family, carers and other professionals. With their aim to maintain the children and young adult’s normal routine and make each stay as special and as enjoyable as possible.

The vision is:-

‘To provide care and support to people affected by life limiting illness and those who require palliative care.’

Jigsaw has 5 strategic goals to secure their activity and their future and these are:-

  1. To provide high quality education and training and deliver research-based practice.
  2. To improve access to and quality of inpatient and day hospice provision.
  3. To develop an appropriate environment to facilitate the highest quality care for all patients.
  4. To transform hospice provision to enhance the capacity of other provision.
  5. To ensure financial stability and security.




Together For Cinema initially had contact with Jigsaw in 2015 and we had discussed getting involved once there had been some refurbishment work completed. Sadly there were delays and everything went quiet…, until August 2021.

Following an article in the Together For Short Lives newsletter, I was contacted by Jigsaw to see if we could help in a different location to the one originally discussed in 2015. They had seen some images of what we had donated elsewhere and, based on our willingness to help other venues, Jigsaw were hopeful that we could help make a special cinema room for themselves.

There were three different rooms that were being considered for their cinema room, but each had their own challenges. It was therefore clear to me that I needed to visit Jigsaw to assess which room would be best to work with so that we could then consider a suitable installer and what product might be best to install.



Following my recent communications I travelled up to Carlisle on September 19th and met with the Jigsaw team early the following day. We viewed the various options and quickly agreed on the smallest of the three rooms that we looked at. There were various reasons for this as follows:-

  1. The room was in a very accessible location and away from the main care and counselling areas where peace and quiet is essential.
  2. The room had no equipment challenges in terms of hoists etc…, so hence it would be a relatively ‘clean’ installation.
  3. The room would be used a great deal, but likely to be for small groups of between 4 to 8 people at any one time, hence the smaller room would work better for that ‘immersive’ feel.

The room was in fact a store room next to their reception area so this of course would need to be emptied and redecorated in preparation for the installation. However, to really define what needed to be done, we needed to find a suitable installer to help manage the installation and draw up a ‘preferred’ kit list. This can often prove to be a challenge but not in this case…



Over the years Together For Cinema has built up a large contact base of installers, manufacturers, distributors, media friends etc…., all keen to be involved and to help progress our good work. One such company was Majik House who had offices in Kendal, Carlisle and Manchester. It was therefore an easy decision to approach their MD, Tim Burrow, to see if he was willing to get involved and take on this installation.

We set up a Zoom call and after a short chat it was agreed that Majik House would kindly take this on. Tim knew about the basics of Together For Cinema but on hearing our latest developments and future aspirations, he was fully committed and keen to help make the cinema room happen at Jigsaw in Carlisle.

Tim visited Jigsaw on October 29th and the very next day he sent me his proposed kit list. This was comprehensive and definitely achievable so we were all systems go for an install early in 2022!



As the room was a dedicated facility we felt projection was suitable and we agreed on a fixed frame screen with in-ceiling speakers and all the associated AV equipment required such as a blu-ray player, an AV Receiver, suitable control, a cabinet and lots of cables. We also specified ‘twinkly lights’ on the ceiling as this makes such a difference to the children and the feel of the room.

For a relatively small room this was an ambitious ask but one we felt we could achieve, and one that we knew would deliver a great experience for all that used the room. Having seen the difference we make, and the pleasure bought to those that enjoys these cinema rooms, there is little compromise on what we try to deliver. We were now ready to go out to our colleagues in the industry…

As ever support was forthcoming and it became an appeal based on administrating support rather than trying to persuade people to support. We had an installation date set for February so we had time to gather the items required but with Christmas ‘in the way’ we needed to keep on top of it.

I’m delighted to say that some old favourites stepped up again to help, and we had some new companies donate. With this in mind a big thank you must go to Collingwood Lighting, Control4 (Snap AV), Denon (Sound United), Epson, HDANYWHERE, Invision, Monitor Audio, Penn Elcom, Projecta, Sony, Starscape and Velodyne (Redline Distribution). Thank you all for helping make this happen…



Monday 28th February, 2022.



Friday 4th March, 2022.



  • Projecta (Screen): A HomeScreen Deluxe 151x256 (16:9) with HD Progressive 1.1.
  • Collingwood Lighting (LED Strips etc..): 20m of LED tape strips, 6 dimmable ceiling lights and 5 low level LED’s
  • Control4 (Control): EA1 Controller and Remote.
  • Control4 (Lighting Control): 8 post network switch and a dual dimmer switch.
  • Denon / Sound United (AV Receiver): AVCX3700.
  • Epson (Projector): EHTW5910.
  • HDANYWHERE (Cables): 1 x 0.5m HDMI cable and 50m of speaker cable.
  • Invision (Ceiling Mount): PEERPRGUNV.
  • Majik House (Various): Various items to help compete the installation.
  • Penn Elcom (Rack): A 20U floor rack with shelves and fan.
  • Monitor Audio (Speakers): 5 x C280 ceiling speakers.
  • Redline / Velodyne (Sub-Woofer): Sub Micro V (black).
  • Sony (Blu-Ray Player): BDP180.
  • Starscape and Together For Cinema (Ceiling Light Panels): 4 square meters of Infinity Lighting ceiling panels.
  • Together For Cinema (Content): Apple TV - HD with Siri.



”When Ian Morrish from Together For Cinema first approached me to complete a dedicated cinema room – albeit of a fairly compact and modest space, it seemed to be an almost impossibility in the scheme and commitments to projects already under way that we would have the man power and time to spare for this work. However, once Ian had visited Jigsaw and explained the needs and purpose of this room it immediately became a priority to get this done!

Design and specification agreed and all materials efficiently sourced by Together For Cinema and sent direct to site with Majik House filling in any missing items.

With the Majik House team being office led by Autumn and on site by our newest member Ryan Ferguson accompanied by Zac, one of our experienced programmers and installation engineers the first fix was completed in double-quick time, immediately followed by second fix and commissioning – all in one week! A few minor tweaks in between jobs the following week and all is now being enjoyed to the full.

This is one of the most rewarding and most worthy projects we have been involved with and for such a worthy cause. Together For Cinema is an incredible organisation and being able to work with them on such a worthy project really has been and honour.

Generally working for privileged clients, it has been wonderful being able to work for those in need. It shows another side to the AV industry and one of which we are proud to say we have been involved with.”

Tim Burrow, Director, Majik House.



”Caring, Respect, Dignity and Professionalism are the values that drive all of the care offered at Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw Children’s Hospice. These values were immediately recognised by Ian Morrish and his team when they came to advise us on the cinema room that was to be provided by Together for Cinema. They obviously have a great knowledge of the subject and guided us to a design that was perfect for, not only the hospice, but more importantly the children and their families that use it. The installation team from Majik House were brilliant, we hardly noticed they were here, the system was installed with a minimum of disruption whilst always abiding by our values.

Even though we always strive to provide the best care possible, the cinema will allow a wonderful immersive escape for the patients and their families during times which can be difficult. It will also give families time to create memories in a space which is safe and within easy reach of the hospice’s care facilities.

A huge thank you to Together For Cinema, to Majik House and all those that donated to help make this happen. The room is already making a really positive difference and will continue to do so for many years to come!

Jerry Hall, Facilities Manager, Eden Valley Hospice & Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice



“Having been born and bred in Carlisle I was delighted to be invited to help open the new cinema room at Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice. For Together For Cinema to gather the support of the AV industry to help donate these rooms is a special gift and one that makes a real difference. This was proven very quickly to me when I saw the faces of the two boys at the opening!

It was a real pleasure to attend and have the opportunity to meet Ian Morrish and the team from Majik House that kindly installed the room at no charge. I was also able to thank some of the manufacturers that donated product.

Together For Cinema is a great thing and I will be happy to help out again in the future if I can. Sometimes you just want to back people that really do something special…”

Lee Brennan, singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Lead vocalist of boy band 911.



This was held on the morning  of Friday 29th April and we were lucky enough to have some excellent representation fr+om our industry. We were delighted to welcome David Constantine and Tarn Hedges from Starscape, as well as Alex Emson who had secured the Monitor Audio speakers for the room. Of course Tim Burrow and his installation team from Majik House, who kindly project managed the installation, were also in attendance.

Also present was the very charming Lee Brennan, best known as the lead singer of the boy band 911, who kindly helped open the cinema room, alongside some of the Jigsaw staff accompanied by two of the children and their carers. The Border News TV channel were also with us and were keen to make a feature story on this wonderful new facility – apparently the lead story on the evening’s news – fortunately not much else goes on in Carlisle!!

The group were shown around the Hospice and this was finished off with a short screening of some movie clips to show off the new cinema room. A great end result that shows what can be done within a relatively small space, and the difference that we can make as an industry united.

Whilst Trish Livsey, CEO at Jigsaw, and myself said a few words we all tucked into sandwiches, homemade brownies and some delicious shortbread biscuits (fortunately I was able to smuggle a few out for my 5 hour train journey home!) Thanks to all at Jigsaw for making us feel so welcome and for letting us into your world to hopefully make a difference for many years to come.



  • Ian Morrish (Founder, Together For Cinema)
  • Tim Burrow (Director, Majik House)
  • Ryan Ferguson (Installation Team, Majik House)
  • Zac Shaw (Installation Team, Majik House)
  • Autumn Burrow (Operations Team, Majik House)
  • All the manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers that supplied the necessary product, all of whom have already been mentioned in the Kit List above
  • The Together For Cinema Steering Committee, Operational Partners, Media Partners, Sponsors and Fundraisers, without who these installations would not be possible.

THANK YOU…, you have helped make a real difference at Jigsaw, and in turn, have made a real difference to so many people’s lives.



As with most charitable good causes, and certainly at all the children’s hospices I have worked at, there is no budget to install a luxury such as a Cinema Room. Therefore, and with all products donated and the installation services provided free of any charge, this gift from the AV industry really has a huge impact.

Had this been a normal paid for installation the total cost, including consultation, design, installation, products and any other associated costs would normally have been in the region of £19,000 for an end user price.



This was Together For Cinema’s 30th good cause cinema room installation and we are getting ever closer to our ambitious target of installing a total of 50 cinema rooms by 2026, at a total normal cost in excess of £1m. With the collaborative support of our industry we will undoubtedly achieve this, and I hope, a lot more…

The end result is quite simply a perfect solution for Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice and I know will be used on a regular basis by many children and young adults, as well as their families and their carers. There will always be day to day challenges, as there are for us all, but the aim is to make the journey as comfortable as possible and I hope this room helps in some way to enable this. As an industry united we should be proud to be continually making a difference to the lives of so many children and young adults.

I would like to close by thanking Tim Burrow and his installation team again. Taking on such an installation is a big commitment, and with no financial return. Their efforts will genuinely make a difference to so many people over the years. On behalf of Together For Cinema and Jigsaw as well as the hundreds of children and young adults you will never meet, we thank you…

Together For Cinema is a pure and unquestionable good and with the help of our industry we will continue to make a difference.

“Together For Cinema – together for better”



For further details please contact Ian Morrish at:-

Work: 01372 454366    Mobile: 07768 398007    Email: ian@ad-con.uk



Report Created by Ian Morrish. All quotes to be from Ian Morrish, unless otherwise stated.

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